The work of Stanislaw Ostoja-Kotkowski represents an important case study for this project. Immigrating to Australia in 1949, Ostoja-Kotkowski became a significant figure in the development of the electronic arts in Australia. His practice extended across theatre, sculpture, film, video and installation, and he experimented with new computer technologies.

The State Library of South Australia (SLSA) manages an extensive archive of Ostoja-Kotkowski’s work and associated ephemera, including approximately 800 computer disks related to computer graphic artworks created by the artist in the 1990s. Research into disk imaging techniques and emulation methodologies will contribute to the conservation of this collection and enable the SLSA to provide researchers with access to these works.

Details of the vast range of material in the archive and a short biography of the artist are available at

Stanisław Ostoja-Kotkowski, 1922-1994. Sphretree, 1988
Digital graphic produced in Acorn Archimedes application software.
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