A key case study for this research is an interactive exhibition of Australian computer, video and electronic experimental arts organised by the Modern Image Makers Association, held at Scienceworks, Victoria, in 1995, and as part of The Centenary of Australian Cinema.  Virtualities focused on the “notion of  ‘virtual’ spaces, virtual realities and virtual worlds” and on the computer as an emerging “invaluable tool in the pursuit of aesthetic and intellectural enterprises” (View the Media Release for Virtualities).

Curated by Peter Morse, the program included works from Don’t Shoot the Messenger, John Colette, Moira Corby, Martine Corompt, Ian Haig, Peter Hennessey, Felix Hude, Patricia Piccinini, Irene Proebsting and Barry Brown. (View the Virtualities program)

Virtualities Media Release (detail)